Additional Auto Services in Ashland, WI

business It takes a complex scope of systems to keep your car running properly. If even one of these systems is damaged or nonfunctional, the rest of your vehicle’s function is bound to suffer. Bulldog Auto Repair gets to the bottom of any and all automotive troubles, to ensure your vehicle’s many systems are always functioning flawlessly.

Our expertise lies in tire services and engine repair in Ashland, WI, however our scope of capabilities goes far beyond this to encompass just about any other needs your car may have, including:

  • Brakes: We’re your number one destination for brake repairs in Ashland, WI! Come to us for simple pad replacements, as well as caliper and rotor repair, brake flushes and more.
  • Shocks and struts: Riding a little rough? Our team provides service for shocks and struts, to help support your vehicle and ensure a smooth, supported ride.
  • AC and heating: If your cabin just can’t seem to get the cool or warm air needed to keep you comfortable, rely on us to fix it. We’re your local auto AC and heating experts.
  • Exhaust: From your exhaust manifold to your tailpipe and everything in between, our team can repair and replace any segment of your exhaust system that’s failing to function flawlessly.
  • Alignment: Notice your car is veering to one side? It might be time for an alignment. Our techs will get your car back to center, to preserve your tires and improve your gas mileage.

From under the hood to the undercarriage, exhaust system to the electrical system and beyond, Bulldog Auto Repair delivers unparalleled service to your vehicle. Our mission is to deliver uncompromising service and best-in-class results. No matter the repairs or maintenance your vehicle needs, we’re ready to meet and exceed your highest expectations. Schedule your appointment today by calling 715-682-2616.